Compassion and Resistance, Research Residency Oostende 13-18 September 2015

By Arts Centre Vrijstaat O. in collaboration with Beaufort, DeBuren and Stroom The Hague To explore the potential of a 5 year program of research residencies between 2016 ad 2021 in Oostende’s domain Raversyde, part of the WOII Atlantic Wall, a pilot research residency is offered to a select group of artists, scientists and committed citizens. In this 5 days pilot, participants of the research residency engage with Oostende’s culture, social and economical context, its nature and urban landscape. Participants are offered an inspiring environment for interdisciplinary collaboration for creating unknown and unanticipated work and discourse. Together with Marleen Wijnants, director Crosstalks in Bruxelles, I will facilitate this research residency.

Inspiration: Forensic Architecture @ Goldsmiths London

Ginger Research