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Editor of special issue


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  • Surfing the disseration: Together with Mediamatic Lab I made an experimental environment which facilitates surfing through the dissertation. The dissertation was loaded into a database on paragraph level. As author of the text I attributed metadata to every paragraph. As result, one can surf through the dissertation and it still makes sense.

  • Collaborative research platform Being-Here: Publishes ongoing research into witnessed and mediated presence and creates a collaborative research platform at the same time. Interdisciplinary research between profesisonal knowledge, artist research and academic papers are published in relation to one another. As of 2012 the European Institute of Technology assists in further developing this concept.

  • Witnessed Presence and Systems Engineering: On this site the source material is gathered and presented of an interdisciplinary exploratory study into Witnessed Presence. It shows 20 in-depth interviews with people from India, Great Britain and the Netherlands who are thinking out loud about how their personal and professional practice has changed because of technology. Coming from a variety of disciplines they elaborate first insights in fundamental dynamics of social structures in networked contexts. The site includes film fragments of the interviews. Also the work of artists that contributed to the research is briefly discussed here.

  • With the company Driebit in Amsterdam, I have been designing a shared research environment in which researchers form different disciplines can work together with stakeholders and students. The open research environment includes workspaces, a shared research environment and internet publication. It includes the possibilities to give feedback to each other. The software we use is Ginger, a next version of Anymeta. A first version was developed for TU Delft. A final version is launched in June 2018 for the city of Amsterdam


  • 2016 TU Delft – City Rhythm Conferences

  • 2016 Berlin - Centre for Investigative Journalism - Logan Symposium against surveillance, secrecy and censorship , Berlin Conference Centre, Berlin.

  • 2015 Oostende Art Lab “Troost en Verzet”, in collaboration with Marleen Wijnants, Muzee and de O.Vrijstaat

  • 2014 London – Centre for Investigative Journalism - Logan Symposium against surveillance, secrecy and censorship, Barbican London.

  • 2013 Amsterdam De Appel – Witnessing You

  • 2013 Opening of the World Social Science Forum (UNESCO) in Montreal

  • 2013 TU Delft ­­- Mediating Justice

  • 2012 Stockholm & TU Delft - EIT Mediating Presence – 4 workshops with Charlie Gulstrom, School of Architecture KTH

Selected Labs @ Performing Arts Labs London

  • 2005 Learning Lab

  • 2003 Chaos Lab

  • 2001 BBC Lab

  • 1996 Multimedia Lab I-III

  • 1993 Live Arts Online

Transformative networked events @ Hogeschool van Amsterdam

  • 2003 Q-Conference, on new ways of assessing quality in higher education

  • 2002 Suite of Learning, with Paul Koek

  • 2001 OrO/OrO Teacherslab, including OrO Web by Mediamatic Lab

Selected Design projects @ Waag

  • 1999 Pilotus, communication environment for people with mental handicap

  • 1998 Brandon by Shu Lea Cheang, in collaboration with Guggenheim Museum New York

  • 1997 Demi Dubbel, one week theatre and art game for 2 elementary schools

  • 1996 Reading table for Old and New Media (winner Rotterdam Design Price 1996)

Selected Conferences@ Paradiso

  • 1995 Doors of Perception on INFO-ECO, with John Thackara

  • 1994 McLuhan Program Lecture series

  • 1993 Next 5 Minutes – on Tactical Media

  • 1992 Decolonization of Imagination

  • 1990 International Conference on Alternative use of Technology for AIDS (Seropositive Ball)

  • 1989 International Conference on Alternative use of Technology Amsterdam – Galactic Hacker Party


  • 2017 Boosting the impact of social sciences and humanities, AESIS, Cardiff

  • 2017 Municipal data, DECODE, Barcelona

  • 2016 City Rhythm, for G32 conference, The Hague

  • 2015 Design Summerschool Open Set: On the Design of Trust

  • 2015 Beeldbepalers, with Ronald Ophuis. De Balie Amsterdam

  • 2014 Homo Mensurabilis, Workshop Technology Disruptions, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute,Switzerland

  • 2014 Moving Futures, on research and dance, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

  • 2014 On artistic research, DEAF 2014, Rotterdam

  • 2014 Cultural Participation in the Network Society. International Music Seminar, Utrecht

  • 2013 Open Plenary: Participatory Dynamics for change. World Social Science Forum (UNESCO), Montreal

  • 2012 Producing Presence, KTH Stockholm

  • 2012 Being and bearing Witness in Communities of Systems and People, Unlike Us, Institute for Network Cultures, Amsterdam

  • 2012 From Snowball to Flashmob, from squatting and hacking to governance and design, Studium Generale Utrecht

  • 2011 Climate for women in science: a lifecycle approach. TU Delft

  • 2010 Designing presence and trust in the process of interaction, KTH Stockholm

  • 2010 Interdisciplinary Research, creating, IN3, Open Universidad de Catalunya

  • 2009 Utopian Practices, The Virtual Knowledge Studio (KNAW) and the Arts and Genomics Centre of the Univeristy of Leiden.

  • 2008 Can You See What I Know, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences

  • 2008 Samizdat in the Technological Jungle, Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, Jamia MilliaIslamia University, New Delhi, India

  • 2007 The New Balancing Act, Press and Press Support in a Digital Age, The Hague

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  • 2005 The social responsibility of the engineer, ALE, TU Delft

  • 2005 Being a catalyst, London School of Economics, Social Psychology, London

  • 2004 Innovation in India, Surf, Utrecht

  • 2004 Designing experience, Design Academy Eindhoven

  • 2003 Structural design in education, DoorsEast, Bangalore, India

  • 2003 Distant learning, WACE, Rotterdam

  • 2003 The pace of change, Infodrome, Dutch ministries and Parliament

  • 2001 The new mediamixes, BBC Imagineering, Sevenoaks, UK

  • 2001 Integrated Learning environments, Future of Learning, Sony Research Paris

  • 2000 How to design learning environments for children, CHI 2000, Rotterdam

  • 1999 Children are citizens, Doors of Perception on Play, Amsterdam

  • 1999 In need for territorial waters for copyright, Erasmus Conference, Amsterdam

  • 1998 The social agenda of MIT Medialab, Mind over Matter, Copenhagen

  • 1995 Designing communities in Europe, TJ Watson, IBM, NY