".. And so, when the darkness of senseless politics and aberrant economics and empty culture come on us, we resort to art and to artistic research as the one displayed in this book, to remind us to include human experience in the work that we do, to remind us we can still feel and need to share." 

 From the foreword by professor Manuel Castells

Dr. Caroline Nevejan, pioneer in digital culture since the 1980s, works together with 13 artists to explore today's footprint on the future. Theartistic research explores new values for the (meta) design of participatory systems in which people accept responsibility for their words and deeds and negotiate trust and truth in a networked world.


Kahir von Lohuizen - Debra Solomon- Ronald Ophuis - Zoro Feigl - Afaina de Jong - Chin-Lein Chen & Chris Vermaas - Anna Carlgren - 
Merlijn Twaalfhoven - Martin Butler - Karen Lancel & Hermen Maat - Jodi - Luna Maurer & Andreas Zangger - Angelo Vermeulen

Interdisciplinary research into witnessing: www.being-here.net

How are trust and truth established in the emerging network society? How to the stories we exchange become part of the experiences we share? Are we in touch with each other, do we witness each other, when time and place are not shared? Witnessing is aquiring new dynamics. Networks are like mirrors to the self and fuel imagination. Love and passion drive engagement. However, engagement in merging realities challenges human dignities to the core.