De Nieuwe Universiteit

In the spring of 2015  students occupied the Maagdenhuis, which is the main building of the University of Amsterdam where the board resides. The protea, which had the support of many professor, was aimed at the current 'efficiency thinking' and management style in which quality of research and quality of education seems to have become a side product. The students invited many people to come an give lectures. See more at I gave a lecture on Saturday the 7th of March. Building upon my years as director at the Hogeschool of Amsterdam/University of Amsterdam and being concerned about 'vague' demands, I tried to become very concrete about what should be requested in this political fight. This is the lecture I gave.: 2015 De Nieuwe Universiteit. Part of that lecture is the Teacherslab film from 2001, that can be found under 'projects'  in 'research and design' on this site.


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BART: enhancing social cohesion for safety in neighborhoods