BART: enhancing social cohesion for safety in neighborhoods

The National Police and the city of The Hague have initiated a research project on citizen's participation in creating safe neighbourhoods. In collaboration with  TNO ( Dutch research and technology organisation) and technology firm CGI, we formed a team from TU Delft to specifically analyse how trust gets build and breaks down as fundamental factor for social cohesion. To this end we made a YUTPA analyses for identifying design solution spaces in a specific neighbourhood in The Hague, called Bouwlust. With dr. ir. Marielle van der Hengst-Bruggeling (computer scientist) and ir. Afaina de Jong (architect), we made a visual research of the neighbourhood, interviewed local policemen and over a 100 residents. Outcomes we mapped on the YUTPA factors and as result we identified 3 distinct design solution spaces: integrating rhythm, clarity of roles and nurturing engagement. The research team is now preparing the next phase of the project in which we will organise concrete pilots in The Hague's neighbourhood Bouwlust.  



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